Mark Latimer
Series 1-2
Appeared in 16 episodes
Status Alive
Occupation Plumber, Mark Latimer Plumbing
Location Broadchurch
Family Beth Latimer wife

Chloe Latimer daughter
Daniel Latimer son
unnamed mother
Liz Roper mother-in-law Elizabeth Latimer daughter

Actor Andrew Buchan

Mark Latimer is the father of Danny Latimer, Chloe Latimer and Elizabeth Latimer and is married to Beth Latimer. He is a works as a local plumber and has his own firm, Mark Latimer Plumbing. He is good friends with colleague Nige Carter . He told the police he was on an emergency call-out the night of Danny's murder, but was infact involved in an affair with Becca Fisher, and they met each other on the night of Danny's death.He was one of the first people to be considered as a suspect in the investigation into Danny's murder, although he strongly believed it was local Shopkeeper and Danny's boss Jack Marshall. His mother lives in Wales.


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