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Level 11
Episode Candy Factory
Level type Ingredients level
Ingredients 1 Cherry
Moves 50
Target score 1,000
Blockers None
Number of
candy colours
Number of spaces 45
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Current Next
Jelly Ingredient drop Ingredient drop
Level 10 Level 11 Level 112

Level 11 is the first level in Candy Factory and the first ingredients level. To pass this level, you must bring down 1 cherry and score at least 1,000 points in 50 moves or fewer. When you have extra moves left in this level, Sugar Crush will activate striped candy and score you additional points.


  • There should not be an difficulty in bringing down the single cherry and getting 1,000 points; 50 moves is more than enough to bring down one cherry.
  • It is the easiest level in Candy Factory.




  • For fast clearing, make a striped candy that will clear candies in columns. Then, apply it to the column with the cherry. This will quickly pass the round and get a very high score as striped candies usually give you a lot of points.


  • It's impossible to get less than 3 stars since the ingredient gives the player 10,000 points.


File:Candy Crush Saga Level 11 (No Boosters 3★) iPad 4