They weren't erased from history just time and space. If you've met a Time Lord or Dalek you wouldn't forget it ever happened. Like if someone destroyed every tiger in existence. Anyone who has ever seen or heard of a Tiger would still know of them.Who said that it cancelled their existence? Dalek and Time Lords were almost all killed at the end of the Time War and the war is timelocked, which means that no one can go back in time to alter the events without suffering severe damage.they weren't erased from existence; the time war was sealed off so no one can travel to Skaro or Gallifrey (and probably other planets etc.) but alien races will have heard of their existence from history or through folklore.

I disagree that's exactly what being "erased from time" means. Amy's family was erased from Time. That's why she didn't know them. The answer is that they Time Lords and Daleks were NOT erased from Time. They were time locked before that could happen.

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