amy and rory concieved her in the tardis she became a human plus time lord because of the energies of the time vortex,her pregnant mum was taken by the silence[represented by madame kovarian] in there plans to kill the Doctor,she was taken to earth from demons run by the silence[kovarian's gang]to greystark ophanage and taught to kill the Doctor by using brainwashing/post hypnotic suggestion used by the leaders of the silence,she later grew up as mels with her parents until she became River Song,she was later kidnapped again by the silence and used finally to kill the Doctor[tesselecta].but failed because she loved him and he was a tesselecta she was sent to prison to stop the silence discovering there target is still alive,she contiued to have adventures encountering her kidnappers on demons run,on earth in 1969 and even the silents voices in the tardis,which she may have blown it up as she was used by them.

When a mummy and a daddy love eachother very much...

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