There is no individual named Doctor Who in the series. The main character is called "the Doctor" and his height changes with every new body. One could argue that he is always as tall as the person currently playing him. However, the Eighth Doctor is perceived as being considerably bigger than his predescesor, even though Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy aren't that far away from each other, height wise. This is thanks to publicity stills for the TV Movie, where McGann dwarfs McCoy by at least one foot. There is also the fictional construct of Dr.Who from the Virgin New Adventures Novel "Head Games", who takes on the appearance of the Seventh Doctor, making his exact height 5 feet 6 inches. the Doctors, from shortest to tallest: Sylvester McCoy (Seventh) 5ft 6in Patrick Troughton (Second) 5ft 7in William Hartnell (First) 5ft 8.5in Paul McGann (Eighth) 5ft 8.5in Matt Smith (Eleventh) 5ft 11in Colin Baker (Sixth) 6ft Christopher Ecclestone (Ninth) 6ft Peter Davison (Fifth) 6ft 0.25in David Tennant (Tenth) 6ft 1in Jon Pertwee (Third) 6ft 3in Tom Baker (Fourth) 6ft 3in

Edit by another person who doesn't know if it's okay to add on:

Peter Capaldi (Twelfth) is 6ft and John Hurt (War) is 5ft 9in

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