DS Ellie Miller
Series 1-2
Appeared in 16 episodes
Status Alive
Occupation Former Detective Sergeant, Wessex Police
Location Broadchurch
Family Joe Miller husband

Tom Miller son
Fred Miller son
Lucy Stevens sister
Oliver Stevens nephew

Actor Olivia Colman

Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller was part of the C.I.D at Broadchurch Police Station, the mother of Tom and Fred Miller, and the wife of Joe Miller. She was the colleague of former DI Alec Hardy. She lived across the road from the Latimer family.

While initially warm and trusting, greatly resisting Hardy's attempts to view her community from the outside and to suspect everyone. However, over the course of the first series, she slowly learns to accept that not everything, or everyone, is as good as they seem, becoming harder and more experienced as a detective. This leads to the ultimate revelation that her husband was Danny Latimer's murderer, after he had spent many nights doing almost paedophilic acts to their neighbour's son. This ultimate betrayal from the person closest to her, exemplified by the fact that she didn't notice any of his wrongdoings while they were happening, leads to a strong destruction of her trust, leading her to attack her husband physically and sending her into counselling to recover from the anger of the events.

Following the revelation of her husband's deeds, Ellie transferred to Devon where she worked as a PC, a demotion from her Broadchurch role of DS. Ellie and Alec resolved the Sandbrook case and Ricky Gillespie, Claire Ripley and Lee Ashworth were all arrested for their involvement with the case.

Her husband, Joe wasn't found guilty and got away free. Ellie, Mark and Beth went face to face with Joe in the scene of the crime were Danny was killed. After the confrontation, Joe was banished from Broadchurch and wasn't allowed to come back ever again. At the end of the series, Ellie's family reconciled with the Latimer family, down at the beach.


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