Episode 1
World World One
Levels 1-10
Characters Tiffi, Mr Toffee
Champion title Mayor of Candytown
New features
Difficulty Undetermined: start a discussion relating to difficulty in the comments section below!
Previous Next
N/A Candy Factory

From CCSW:

Candy Town is the first episode of Candy Crush Saga, and the first episode of World One. The episode contains levels 1-10. The champion title is the Mayor of Candytown.


File:IMG 0313.png

Before episodeEdit

Tiffi meets Mr. Toffee who directs her to the first level and through the tutorials.

After episodeEdit

Tiffi decides to explore the world (or in this case, episodes) only to be held up by Mr.Toffee to be told that she is going the wrong way. As the game progresses,

she helps solve the problems in each episode.

New thingsEdit




It is an extremely easy episode as all the level in this episode is very easy. Being the first episode, none of the levels pose a problem.

There are 5 moves levels and 5 jelly levels.

Level Level Type Walkthrough Notes Difficulty
Level 1 Template:Type Moves levels are introduced Very easy
Level 2 Template:Type Striped candies are introduced Very easy
Level 3 Template:Type Wrapped candies are introduced Very easy
Level 4 Template:Type Striped+Wrapped combo (Giant Candy) is introduced Very easy
Level 5 Template:Type Color bombs are introduced Very easy
Level 6 Template:Type Jelly levels are introduced Very easy
Level 7 Template:Type Lollipop Hammer booster unlocked Very easy
Level 8 Template:Type +5 Moves booster unlocked Very easy
Level 9 Template:Type Jelly Fish booster unlocked Very easy
Level 10 Template:Type Features the game's first cutscene. Very easy



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