From the admin team at Candy Crush Saga Wiki:
Lefty7788 Lefty7788 (talk) WildoneshelperWildoneshelper  talk  edits 
3primetime3 -3primetime3- (talk)Blueeighthnote Blueeighthnote (talk)
Liquoritz Liquoritz (talk)Supermario3459 Supermario3459 (talk)
Emmaelise401 HunterStorm2  STORM II 
9327f712-a34e-4d9f-9933-536ceb0f25d3 Imamadmad  Contact me
(PS, please don't tell anyone about it being a joke back at Candy Crush Saga Wiki. Let them figure it out for themselves. It's more fun that way!)

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